Jean-Alexander Nevskiy
Original music for Games

Jean-Alexander is a composer, based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He makes inspiring, highly detailed music for video games and movies.
He loves to combine principles of modern orchestral music with electronic and rock energy. His works contain highly energetic pieces as well as atmospheric and background compositions.
As a composer he focuses on creating a catchy themes that would be complimentary to a high quality video-production. Check out examples of his work right below!

Ascended Realms
An RPG simulator wrapped into fantasy RTS. Conquer uncharted worlds replete with mysterious creatures! Noble warriors and powerful sorcerers will stand by your side, but remember – your people have their own will and interests at heart.
"Skeleton Battle" track in action
"Ghost of a pyramid" track complementing atmosphere of a game
"Treasure Island" track supporting a beautiful landscape
"Falling Leaves Tale" track creates beautiful ambience
Realms of Eternity
"Realms of Eternity" is a Multiplayer, Hack & Slash, Action game with Sandbox elements.
It hosts a dark and terrible, ancient world in a gothic environment.

Jean-Alexander Nevskiy
original music for games
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